Welcome to the language proficiency test!

IW-LPT is an aviation language testing tool for testing candidates  in accordance with  the ICAO language  proficiency requirements.
The questionnaire is considered appropriate to the diverse contexts in which aviation language testing occurs. The principles underlying this questionnaire suit various operational and regulatory needs.

This test is designed to assess SPEAKING and LISTENING proficiency abilities in accordance with each component of the ICAO language proficiency rating scale and the holistic descriptors.

ICAO standard phraseology should be used whenever possible but when phraseology is not applicable pilots and air traffic controllers should demonstrate PLAIN ENGLISH.

The minimum skill level requirements are embodied in the ICAO language proficiency rating scale.
LEVEL 4   is considered the minimum level of proficiency to ensure an acceptable level of safety.

IW-LPT may be used for testing operational (4), extended (5) and expert (6) level.